Summer School in Constructed Environments. Project 1: Materials and Multiplicity

Before the graduate school I had to complete five weeks Summer School in Constructed Environments.  It was intense studies that did not give me time to think them though during program, but only after a week after completing and after fulfilling lack of sleep I have realized how much I have learned and how useful and diverse was this experience.

All students were divided in groups and I was lucky to have William Prince from PARK office as an instructor and Patrick Corrigan as TA.  My schedule had Studio, Representation class and Field trips. In representation class we learned how to present our work, starting from hand drawings and ending with using such software as Abobe Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator, AutoCAD and Rhino. On Field trip days we went to various places that included Lincoln Center, MOMA PS1 where we saw the current Warm Up installation and met the architect from INTERBORO – firm that designed it and office of which we visited the next class; Museum of the Moving Image in Queens, Cooper Union new building, Prada store by Rem Koolhaas and more. In studio we had two projects: first one was a warming up exercise and the second one was an architectural project on a real site in the city.

Theme of the first project was “Materials and Multiplicity”. The task was to find an inexpensive everyday material and by distorting it create models that would be 10’x10’x10’ filled with it cubes. The idea was to try to lose material’s mundane aspect and qualities and to made units that can be then multiplied, combined and put together in order to generate new substance. After that documentation and presentation had to be done.

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I worked on Peter Cooper project with Delphine Mauroit. It was very quick and intense task of two 2 bedroom apartments. It was a great experience of decoration refreshing of the space in several days.

Apartment on 20th street and Apartment on 14th street

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When I came to NYC, it looked like the paradise for a designer. So many furniture stores, antique stores, flea markets, designers stores and so on. It was overwhelming at first. After 2 years it looks OK and you already recognize same things here and there and know where you can buy it. It seems like a lot of interior designers look for interesting pieces outside of NYC.

However there are few useful places that every designer knows. This list I’ve collected through time and I’m still adding more places, but I’d like to share the list with you, because I know it might be very annoying to look for the furniture if you don’t know where to look for it. But having some directions can change this experience to the pleasure. I wish I was given this list when I just came and made my life so much easier. Although I can say I enjoy browsing for new places, because on my way I explore unexpected things and people.

To give you an idea of the style, prices and things you can find in these basic stores I made collages showing some of my favourites.

Crate & Barrel     

For me it’s like American classic and favorite store of all American women. My mum adores it too, but mostly because of great kitchen staff collections. I’m not a huge fan furniture-wise, but sometimes you can find there very cool staff, but unsurprisingly the cooler – the more expensive it is.

1) Petrie Apartment Sofa $1,499.00; 2) Tacoma 23″ Pillow $79.95; 3) Caney Stone 20″ sq. Pillow $59.95; 4) Layla 20″ sq. Pillow $59.95; 5) Bel-Air Round Coffee Table $599.00;    6) Remy White Round Rug $89.95; 7) Embossed Numbers Wall Clock $49.95; 8 ) Lupe 20″ Pillow $49.95; 9) Chloe Chair $899.00; 10) Zoey 50″x63″ Curtain Panel $49.95;      11) Pearson 55″ Media Console $1,199.00; 12) Cleo Table Lamp $299.00; 13) Cayden Pouf $49.95; 14) Remy Shale Rug $59.95 – $249.00; 15) Kitchen Chair White $62.95;     16) Phoenix Work Table $1,299.00; 17) Architect Orange Lamp $32.95.


This store is a “child” of the Crate and Barrel Store with more contemporary design and democratic prices. I like it a lot, especially rug collections, but they don’t change collection often, so I see the same CB2 tables and sofas a lot in decorations.

1) Archive credenza $899.00; 2) District pendant lamp $299.00; 3) Club chair pool $799.00; 4) Skinny dip coffee table-bench $299.00; 5) Beacon floor lamp $249.00;         6) Cielo ivory loveseat $899.00; 7) Doce caras rug $199.00; 8 ) Coop tower $179.00       9) Circles rug $349.00 – $699.00

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There is my first New York Interior Design Project, that I worked on with Delphine Mauroit. It’s a 7 million dollar duplex on the Wall Street in the new fancy building with a fantastic view.

Me and Delphine were to create an essention character for the duplex, that future owner would take as a decor foundation. In the same time the design decision had to be versatile because there was a situation when a designer never meet his client or in other words our client was the market of potential buyers.

We chose warm and calm colors, modern design with the home feeling. Charm and comfort were also important.

The heart of the duplex is the living room divided by zones. The fire place zone invites conversations, the dining room hosts 10 people and TV room provides a huge sofa for everybody to enjoy a movie. The living room is aglow with sunlight, that we chose to highlight with furniture materials and colors.

A touch of chic comes in the form of accesories, light fixtures and a lot of art.



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Renovation facade proposal for the belgian restaurant “Petite Abeille” in East Village, New York.

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Color plans for presentation of the space.

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There are some pictures that I made for the dance portfolio of Tiffani Rogers. We wanted to make it very simple and straight.

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