My name is Yuliya – it’s like Julia, but without J. I can consider myself a New Yorker according to believing that you become a New Yorker in the same moment you decide to stay here. But to be precise I am the Russian New Yorker since 2009.

I graduated from Design School in Russia in 2008 and now I am going to Grad School and I’d like to share this dream experience with you.

Let it be an online archive resource that helps to understand me better in order to hire me, work with me, collaborate with me or be friends with me. Please accept my apologies for typo, misspellings and weird way the English language might be used.

Here is my website/portfolio and tumblr inspiration board.


2 Responses to About

  1. Дарья, это как Даша только с лишними буквами)) says:

    Хорошие работы, лаконичность форм и симультанные контрасты )

  2. yuliyasavelyeva says:

    Спасибо Дарья!

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